Popcorn Removal FAQs

The internet is full of questions about popcorn ceiling removal. And, as experts in the industry, Textures Pro is more than happy to give answers to as many as we can. So here we have our Popcorn Removal FAQs with all the information you need to make your ceiling look brand new.

Why Should I Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

The list of benefits is long. Replacing your old popcorn ceiling for a smooth or knockdown texture creates better lighting in your room. It also reduces the threat of asbestos, is easier to clean as it reduces the amount of dust on the ceiling and helps you achieve better paint results when renovating.

Does removing popcorn ceiling add value?

This is one of the most popular Popcorn Removal FAQs we’ve received. And the answer is: it adds plenty of value! Popcorn ceiling dates the house, so replacing it will increase the resale value of your home. Not only that, but they add sanitary and worry-free value as well, since cleaning is easier and improves the air quality of your home.

Is it worth it to get rid of popcorn ceiling?

It totally is! Popcorn ceiling removal modernizes your home, without having to renovate it entirely. And it’s a quick, easy solution that benefits you in the long run. You won’t have to repaint the quickly yellowing ceiling over and over again, or spend hours trying to get rid of the cobwebs and dust accumulating on the surface. And you’ll reduce the risk of it disintegrating as time goes by. Replacing it is one of the best choices you can make for your home.

How to get rid of popcorn ceiling?

For these Popcorn Removal FAQs, we’re going to focus on the TexturesPro method. In our process, we first protect the property by taping all walls and floors with plastic. And then we mist the popcorn ceiling with water so there is minimum dust. Then, we chip away the texture with a drywall knife and skim coat it to achieve a seamless, smooth look. Painting the surface is the last step of the process.

Should I remove popcorn ceiling?

Yes, you should! But keep in mind that it’s best to let professionals do the job for you. We understand it’s tempting to take the matter in your own hands and turn it into a DIY project. But our recommendation is to put your safety first and get an expert to handle the process for you. Plus, it allows you to enjoy more time with your friends and family in the spaces that you love.

How much does it cost to remove popcorn ceiling?

This is a very important Popcorn Removal FAQs, as many conclude that achieving the home of their dreams is oftentimes out of reach. And while that depends on each state and the size of the job, in Florida the average for popcorn ceiling removal is between 5$ to 9$ per square foot. However, here in TexturesPro we commit to provide a high-quality service that will leave long lasting, beautiful results at an affordable price.

Does it take long to remove popcorn ceiling?

Time is of the essence, we understand. With TexturesPro, it takes a day for both residential and commercial properties that may be vacant or occupied.

Do you need a professional to remove popcorn ceiling?

Our last Popcorn Removal FAQs is for you. Are you ready to renovate your home? Don’t wait anymore! Let TexturesPro replace your dated ceiling with a brand new and make the home of your dreams come true! Request your free quote now!

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