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Welcome to Texture Pros, the premier provider of popcorn ceiling removal services in Miami metropolitan area.

Our company was founded on the principles of excellent customer service, attention to detail, and superior workmanship. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality services at affordable prices.

Our team of highly trained professionals has years of experience in the field of popcorn ceiling removal. We have worked on numerous projects, both big and small, and have gained a reputation for excellence in our field. Our focus on quality and attention to detail is evident in every project we undertake, and our clients can rest assured that they will receive exceptional results.

At Texture Pros, we understand that popcorn ceilings are outdated and unsightly, and can even pose a health hazard. Popcorn ceilings were often constructed with materials that can release toxic asbestos dust into the air. If inhaled, asbestos dust can lead to serious health issues, such as chronic coughing, shortness of breath, asbestosis, mesothelioma, and even lung cancer. That’s why we take every precaution to ensure that the popcorn ceiling removal process is done safely, efficiently, and with minimal disruption to our clients’ daily routines.

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If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and professional popcorn ceiling removal service in Miami, look no further than Texture Pros. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you transform your home or business with our expert services.

Don’t let an outdated and potentially hazardous popcorn ceiling bring down the look and safety of your home or business. Call us today and let us take care of everything, leaving you with a beautiful and safe space to enjoy for years to come.


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