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Trends change over time. What once was popular, years later it can lose its’ fame. That’s what happened with popcorn ceilings in the 90’s. Which is why most houses in Miami Beach tend to sport dated textured ceilings, even though most homeowners wish to replace them. So if you’re searching for ways to remove your old ceiling, you’re in the best place. TexturesPro specializes in popcorn ceiling removal in Miami Beach.

Should I Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

There are a lot of reasons why it’s always best to replace popcorn ceiling.

Not only smooth ceilings are aesthetically pleasing, but they also add resale value to your property. Additionally, you get rid of the threat of asbestos in your home and, in the long run, save in constant maintenance of your painted popcorn.

So, the answer to this question is, you totally should remove your popcorn ceilings. And what better way to renovate your home than with TexturesPro’s popcorn ceiling removal in Miami Beach?

smooth Ceilings

Popcorn Removal Services

When it comes to popcorn ceiling removal in Miami, our experts in TexturesPro take the job seriously. We work around your schedule, going above and beyond to complete the process on time and within budget. Once we’re done, we’ll only leave behind your brand new ceiling:

popcorn ceiling removal contractors near me

Knockdown texture

It’s true that popcorn ceiling has gone out of style, but that doesn’t mean all textured ceilings have. Knockdown is a modern and cost-effective alternative that minimizes imperfections and reduces noise. The variety it offers makes it an appealing option, as you can choose from three different types: splatter, stomp, and mud trowel.

Smooth ceiling

Smooth ceilings have taken the world by storm. They complement the interior design of most homes, while creating the illusion of more space and brightening a room.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

TexturesPro believes in complete transparency, so here’s what to except when requesting our popcorn ceiling removal in Miami Beach:

Initial Assessment

TexturesPro believes in complete transparency, so here’s what to except when requesting our popcorn ceiling removal in Miami Beach:

Site Preparation

We will treat your home as if it were ours and won’t start the process without protecting every nook and cranny of your property. We will cover fans, light fixtures and furniture, as well as tape the walls and the floor.


Time to renovate! During this step, we take out our removal tools, such as ceiling scraper and ceiling tiles. If needed, we will also skim coat the surface to ensure a smooth, flawless result.

Give your home a fresh new look!

Tired of the popcorn ceiling in your home? Let our expert team remove it for you!

Popcorn Removal Projects

Contractor removing damaged popcorn ceiling
popcorn ceiling removal
smooth ceiling installation in a Miami house after popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn Removal Cost in Miami

Achieving the house of your dreams isn’t a luxury with TexturesPro. On average, the cost of popcorn ceiling removal in Miami Beach is around 1$ to 2$ per square foot. TexturesPro, however, offers services of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Site Preparation - Textures Pro

Fix Your Ceilings Today!

Renovating your home is easy with TexturesPro. We will take care of everything for you, guaranteeing total customer satisfaction on every single job. Don’t wait anymore. Schedule our popcorn ceiling removal in Miami Beach with us. Request your quote now!

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